The Company

Who we are

M.R. Florida Holding has years of experience in developing global business and markets, we are a distribution channel between suppliers and retailers. We customize products for developmental services for companies in their respective market to improve profit market with our extensive portfolio across Florida, South America and the Caribbean.

Since we understand the challenges that brands face when bringing new products to new markets, we provide brands a more efficient and profitable process for developing their business.

What we do

Consumers have high expectations for new products and competition is heavy. M.R. Florida Holding provides proactive solutions for companies with emerging products across countries. In order to sustain and grow margins, we manage emerging companies with multi-channel strategies and we optimized retail supply chain management systems by increasing their global market share.

MR Florida Holding supplies retailers by providing services giving them access to new developing brands from across the world. Designing plans to increase global market shares while providing leadership to build and grow emerging products. We represent, expand and distribute and promote new products in South America, The Caribbean, and Florida , USA. We generate the relationship between suppliers and retailers.